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Teri’s Homemaking  begins where the heart of your home lives. We lend our helping hands to those who need them. We assist you in making your house feel like your home, so you are more comfortable inviting guests to enjoy your home with you.


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Reccuring House Cleaning

Once the first appointment is finished, it is easier to keep up with the cleaning duties of your home with regular appointments. If your home needs more work to get it tidy, we will work with you to make sure it is a home that you are happy to live in and entertain guests in.

Weekly (Most Popular)

If you are unable to keep your house tidy on your own,  for any reason, we will schedule appointments once a week to keep things looking neat and make sure you have a safe environment to live in.

Every Other Week

For clients who are able to do a little more of the cleaning on their own, but want the extra pair of helping hands to pitch in every other week, this option is perfect for you!

Once a Month

This is a great option for people who can do the day to day cleaning, but need a little extra help take care of specific jobs around the house. We are up for the task of relocating your dust bunnies.



Move-In or Move-Out

Deep Cleaning

On moving day, the last thing you want to think about is cleaning up the old place after you pack up the moving truck to hit the road. Teri’s Homemaking is ready to clean up the mess so you can leave it in your rearview mirror as you drive towards your fresh start. We will take care of the mess and reduce your move-out stress.

Do you like to plan ahead, and be prepared? The smart thing to do is to book Teri’s Homemaking to clean up the new place before you get there. Move-in cleaning services will have your new home ready for you to unload the moving van the second you pull into the driveway, to make your move clean, safe and efficient for you!


What’s Included

Light Cleaning Includes:

  • Bathroom (sink, toilet, tub, and floors)
  • Bedroom (Linen changes, dusting of furniture and floors)
  • Kitchen (countertops, stovetops, outside surface of the fridge, floors)
  • Living room (dusting all furniture, floors)

Deep Cleaning Includes:

  • All Light Cleaning above (plus the following list)
  • Interior Windows (glass, frames, and sills in all rooms)
  • Baseboards and closets (in all rooms and hallways)
  • Kitchen (Cupboards inside and out, interior of fridge and oven)

Teri’s Homemaking does not move furniture.

If you need a service not listed above, please call and ask about our customizable cleaning plans.

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